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Installation instructions for the concrete foundation


Installation instructions for the concrete foundation
Installation instructions for the concrete foundation
The fence should be built in accordance with the provisions of the Act of July 7, 1994. - Construction Law (consolidated text, Journal of Laws of 2000, No. 106, item 1126, as amended).

We begin the construction of prefabricated fencing with the designation of places for fence posts, taking into account the dimensions of concrete boards. We proceed to drill holes for freezing depth, which will be the foundation feet for the posts.

The holes are poured with concrete of minimum class B15 and we put posts in them. After the feet dry, we put straight and corner connectors on the mortar, then place concrete boards in them.

There should be a permeable bedding layer under the concrete boards. The foundation laid in this way is ready to install panels or mesh.

Fastening panels to posts is done in two ways: "to the forehead" and "to the clamp."

The first method concerns the installation of panels using a 239 cm prefabricated foundation. The second type of assembly is carried out with a prefabricated foundation 249 cm long. The posts are finished with plugs protecting against the penetration of rainwater.

Fence foundations are an innovative way to quickly, cheaply and permanently make a fence made of mesh or panels. The fence foundation offer includes a straight and corner connector, as well as reinforced concrete board: full or profiled. The foundations are compatible with most of the panels produced. They can also be used as foundations for metal, PVC or wood fences.

The "vibro technology" production technology used contributes to high resistance to external conditions, solid performance, durability and aesthetic value.

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