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Full concrete fence boards BASIC DX 20/249


Full concrete fence boards BASIC DX 20/249
Full concrete fence boards BASIC DX 20/249
Application – building panel, wire or other fence foundations. Symbol DX 20/249 – height 20cm, length 249cm

Full concrete boards BASIC DX 20/249 are used for building panel or wire fences with posts assembled in a footing poured out with concrete. After concrete has hardened, links are inserted into the post and then concrete boards are assembled. This way the foundation is not firmly tied with the road bed and the fence and therefore it can operate freely in various atmospheric conditions. Full concrete board DX 20/249 can also be used as concrete foundation for other fences made of traditional materials such as: fences produced by our company, stone, brick, metal or pvc fences. Then you only build small posts and the space underneath the spans is filled with concrete boards. Profiled concrete board DX 20/249 can also be used as fence foundation substructure. Then you do not have to build /traditional method/ concrete bars lengthwise. It is enough to pour out concrete footings and at the same time lay down the profiled boards evenly. On this substructure elements are built, reinforced and poured out with concrete.


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